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Privacy Statement Tilburg University

CliftonStrengths® talent questonnaire – update January 2022

We thank you for taking the time to fill in this form for sharing your CliftonStrengths® talent profile with Tilburg University. Below, you find the updated privacy statement for the new situation at hand and can share if you do or do not consent.

CliftonStrengths® for Connected Leading

Based on the philosophy of Connected Leading, Tilburg University stimulates and facilitates employees to invest in the development of their personal leadership. In that respect we use among others the CliftonStrengths® questionnaire for the purpose of the Leading Others programme, individual and team coaching.

You completed the CliftonStrengths® questionnaire; a renowned tool that helps people to identify, develop and appreciate their strengths. This tool offers insight into your strengths profile, with the talent themes in your unique order.

Collaboration Tilburg University, Gallup and Leeuwendaal

For the purpose of executing the CliftonStrengths® questionnaire Tilburg University cooperates with Leeuwendaal. Leeuwendaal is a comprehensive HR consultancy firm for the public sector that offers services in e.g. the field of talent and team development, coaching, assessments and training. Leeuwendaal is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Leeuwendaal supports and coaches Tilburg University in a part of the Connected Leading activities and acts as technical administrator of the CliftonStrengths® platform, Gallup Access.

Leeuwendaal and Gallup have entered into a partnership to implement CliftonStrengths® in the Netherlands. Gallup is an international research and consultancy firm that has its headquarters in the USA. Gallup is the developer of the CliftonStrengths® tool.

Personal Data

When you completed the CliftonStrengths, the following personal data were recorded.

Personal data

Name, address and email

Completed questionnaire


Inviting for participation and creating account

Generation of CliftonStrengths® profile and reports

Ground for data processing*

Legitimate interest

Explicit consent

* By legitimate interest we mean that these personal data are needed to process the questionnaire. For special categories of personal data we need your explicit consent to use the data.

Who has access to your data?

Tilburg University: our data can only be accessed by the Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches within the organisation, and relevant HR employees such as the manager Connected Leading. They do not have access to the individual answers to the questions, but they can access the final result: your CliftonStrengths® profile and reports.

Leeuwendaal: your data can only be accessed by Leeuwendaal employees who are directly involved in the Tilburg University Connected Leading project, such as project managers, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches, technical administrators and supporting staff. They do not have access to the individual answers to the questions, but they can access the final result: your CliftonStrengths® profile and reports.

Gallup: as the supplier of the questionnaire and processor of the data, Gallup can access your data. A Data Processing Agreement has been concluded with Gallup containing, among others, agreements about security and storage policy. Tilburg University remains responsible at all times for the processing of your data in Gallup Access.


Security is described below by using two sides: technology and behaviour.

Technology: the CliftonStrengths® questionnaire is filled out in Gallup’s portal, Gallup Access. Access to this portal is strictly secured according to the latest technological standards and based on the principles of privacy by design. Gallup is ISO 27001 certified. Gallup’s portal meets the security standards set by Tilburg University.

Behaviour: Tilburg University, Leeuwendaal and Gallup devote attention to employee awareness with regard to personal data protection in the workplace.

Retention period

CliftonStrengths® is meant to serve as a personal development tool. Based on the vision that you continue learning and developing and that your talent themes can boost this, your data will remain available as long as Tilburg University keeps a license for the Gallup Access portal. If you resign from your job at Tilburg University before this moment, your data are no longer accessible for Tilburg University and Leeuwendaal.

Storage location

Your data are stored on Gallup’s servers in Germany. The GDPR is applicable.

Right of access to, rectification or erasure of personal data

As employee, you are in control of your own data at all times. This means that at any time, you can ask to allow you to inspect your personal data, or to remove them entirely. You can also ask to correct factual errors. Gallup will be instructed to process your request. For these requests you can contact connectedleading@tilburguniversity.edu.

Freely given consent

In this document, we have explained how Tilburg University, Leeuwendaal and Gallup handle your personal data when you participate in CliftonStrengths®. Participation in CliftonStrengths is always entirely voluntary.

Any questions?

If in the future you have any questions or doubts about this statement, please contact the project organization Connected Leading by sending a message to connectedleading@tilburguniversity.edu. We expect that we will be able to answer most questions directly. If desired, we can refer you to our GDPR representative HR. You can contact him at m.j.m.driessen@tilburguniversity.edu. You also always have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Consent for data processing

By clicking the ‘I agree’ button, you give consent for the privacy statement presented to you.

If you do not agree we would like to get into contact with you to discuss further course of action and possibilities. For this, we will shortly approach you by phone.

If you prefer getting into contact with us before then, please contact us at gallupinfo@leeuwendaal.nl or by calling 088 00 868 00.

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