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People who feel a sense of engagement in their work perform better and find that their work gives them energy, instead of draining it. They work more attentively, stay loyal to the organization for longer, and attract new talent. Leeuwendaal strengthens the engagement within organizations, thus improving performance. In this way, we help clients in the government, education and care fulfil their social responsibilities.



We make it possible for you to discover, develop and utilize all the talent in your organization.



We help you create the conditions for outstanding, sustainable performance in your organization.



We ensure that all key positions in your organization are expertly filled. The right people in the right place, temporarily or permanently.

Vacancies with
our clients

  • Executive board and non-executive board
  • Board of Management & Board of Directors
  • Management & Professionals
  • Interim vacancies


Leeuwendaal organizes live events (HR Now) to share relevant, fresh knowledge and inspiration with HR professionals, interim and permanent directors and supervisory officers who wish to invest in inclusive talent development.


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As the exclusive partner of Gallup, Leeuwendaal grants access to the full range of Gallup instruments (including CliftonStrengths and Q12). We help clients to boost their performance by building a strengths-based organization. Employees, teams and leaders discover their strengths, learn how to link them to performance, and are able to utilize them to achieve team or business goals.
Leeuwendaal provides the Dutch versions of the Gallup courses (such as the five-day Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course, the two-day Successful Strengths Coaching for leaders and the Clifton Strengths Discovery).

Essays & podcasts

In these essays, we discuss relevant contemporary themes such as talent development, leadership and diversity and inclusiveness. We formulate our vision and identify opportunities to improve the performance of your organization.

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