Areas of expertise

Improving the performance of public organizations is the core of our work, and requires close collaboration between specialists from various disciplines. To be able to develop themselves further, people need to know their talents. However, the structures in which they work and the systems they use in their work must offer the necessary room for that development. And if you wish to enable your employees to make full use of their strengths in order to achieve performance goals you may also have to invest in your leadership. That is where good coaches make the difference. Leeuwendaal’s multidisciplinary approach leads to better solutions – complete, practicable and future-proof.



By investing in your talent, you can grow it into a strength – the ability to stand out in the performance of your tasks or in your role, time and time again. We help your employees discover and develop their strengths, and apply them in a focused way in the context of their daily work. And we help your leaders gain a better understanding of the strengths of their people. Because that’s what makes sustainable performance: when people can do what they are really good at and what makes them happy. Passionate employees, strong teams and inspiring leadership.

Leeuwendaal’s trainers and coaches create room for the professional growth of employees, teams and leaders. They help organizations improve their agility and realize the goals they have set.
The core of their approach lies in the discovery, development and utilization of everyone’s strength. They guide employees in developing and effectively applying their strengths and teach leaders how they can coach their employees and teams. This makes employees stronger, teams more successful and leaders more effective. Leeuwendaal employs more than thirty Gallup-certified strengths coaches.

Our trainers and coaches have years of experience in guiding changes and coaching leaders in the public domain. You can hire them for, among others, in company leadership training, organization development plans and team coaching. They also provide personal coaching for leaders.

Leeuwendaal’s psychologists are highly experienced in providing assessment services at tactical and strategic levels. They support managements in selection and placement procedures and in implementing Management Development policy. They specialize in development assessments, strengths assessments, career guidance and mobility issues.

In all Leeuwendaal assessments, the focus lies on the development possibilities. We investigate whether people possess the talents and drives to contribute to the realization of the current and future goals of the organization. Our psychologists communicate clearly, empathize and are deeply committed to their work.

Every year, we help thousands of people identify their skills and strengths and make the right choices for their further development. We offer individual guidance in applying the results of an assessment within or beyond the organization.



People perform best when they can do what they are good at and what energizes them, and are able to do that as much as possible. To make this possible for your people, you need to create the appropriate organizational base conditions and employ the right HR tools. Our organizational experts help you set up an organizational structure on the basis of which you can realize your ambitions, both now and in the future. Our HR experts will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to facilitate and promote the utilization of talent. Together with you, we organize the conditions needed for the best performance and for your organization to achieve its goals.

Our Performance and Reward specialists help you optimize individual and collective performance through the smart use of advanced HR tools. This may for example involve updating your employment conditions, facilitating discussion about talent development between leaders and staff, introducing differentiated forms of reward, or a flexible job classification system and roles model.
Our Performance and Reward consultants understand the challenges you face, and are familiar with the problems. They help you increase agility and flexibility within the limits of your possibilities by employing people more flexibly, so that you can act more quickly when circumstances change.

Their daily collaborations with colleagues from countless other disciplines afford them a broad perspective on the subject at hand, and their approach is always coherent, concrete and meticulous. Our Performance and Reward legal advisors, meanwhile, monitor all employment law-related matters that you may encounter along the way.

Your ambitions are clear, and you know what goals you need to fulfil. But what organizational setup and management philosophy fits best? Would a matrix organization be the most suitable choice, or agile working, with squads, tribes and chapters? Will you choose a classic organization chart, or are there forms of self-organization that enable you to realize your strategy (and what does this mean for the leadership)?

Our management consultants have years of experience with the development, implementation and realization of HR strategy in the public sector. Together with you, they create all the organizational conditions required for sustainable and strong performance by your employees, teams and leaders. They also devote explicit attention to practical and financial feasibility and the ideal staff complement that you will need both now and in the future Strategic Staff Planning.
The Leeuwendaal approach is concrete and scalable, and uses powerful tools (both digital and otherwise) that support the development of your people.



These times demand leaders who recognize talent and offer talent the room needed to flourish. We know and can find such leaders, who truly make a difference in your organization. Leeuwendaal looks beyond mere knowledge, skill and experience: we identify the specific combinations of talents and drives that are needed to make a decisive contribution to the realization of your organization’s goals. And we do so while keeping a close eye on team composition and team dynamics. We make sure that all key positions in your organization are staffed with skilled and strong performing people.

Leeuwendaal specializes in recruitment & search for the public domain at various levels:

  • executive board and non-executive board
  • board of management & board of directors
  • general & strategic management positions

We have worked exclusively for the public sector for thirty years, and we know it like the back of our hand. Our advisors all have at least ten years of experience in successful collaboration with organizations in the government, education and care.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is the foundation of our work. Our Recruitment & Search consultants collaborate closely with specialists from other disciplines who personally visit public organizations on a daily basis. As a result, they know very well what issues clients are currently facing and what people need to be able to function well. With a broad perspective on their assignment, attention for diversity and inclusiveness and, above all, a sharp eye for talent, they pick the best people out of the market. They are often able to find the ideal candidate within their own extensive live networks.

Our Interim Management consultants are the ultimate specialists in temporary staffing issues. They know the public domain like the back of their hand and know how to find the experienced directors, line and staff managers and HR professionals you need to temporarily reinforce your organization.
In order to achieve the perfect match between individuals and organizations, they consider not only knowledge, skill and experience, but also the personal drives that are crucial to the realization of your organization’s goals.

Together with you, Leeuwendaal’s Interim Management consultants support you in solving  the issues you are facing, with attention to the context and your vision for the future. What do you want to reach, and what does this require of your interim manager? Energetically and decisively, they quickly find the right person for you.

For the temporary reinforcement of your HR department, you can engage our trainees from Leeuwendaal Bruist. These trainees have recently completed their academic training and are among the most talented newcomers on the HR labor market. Through a two-year traineeship, these talented young academics develop into HR professionals in the public domain.

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